Friday, November 16, 2012

Fast, Fun, & Affordable Holiday Decorating!

The Holidays are expensive.  There's food, gifts, and travel arrangements to pay for. One thing that doesn't have to break your Christmas piggy bank is decorations, just DIY!  This is a quick tutorial to make a Holiday yarn wreath.  I won't go into detail about Yarn Wreath basics, those instructions can be found on my "Heavy Metal Letter Meets Pretty Yarn Wreath" post.

Wrapping the wreath form in yarn can be pretty time consuming, especially if you are doing a tight wrap as seen above.  If you want to save some time, you can do a loose wrap as seen below:
Back to our tightly wrapped wreath! Once the form has been wrapped in yarn, it's time to start decorating!  Think outside the box, do you have anything around the house that you can use? Any old mismatched Christmas balls that you don't need on your tree? An old Christmas broach that is to cumbersome to wear on your Christmas sweater? Perfect!  I use an assortment of store bought and found items for my wreaths.  Start by placing the items on the wreath. Play around with the arrangement until you like what you see. Then get out your glue gun and commit to placement!
 Hot glue can be messy.  I had this terrible blob of glue that was visible under the "C" in my Peace piece.  Don't fret! It's a perfect opportunity to add something! An ugly spot of glue is nothing a cute fabric flower and some sparkly leaves can fix!

Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, all that's left it to craft a quick loop so you can hang your Christmas cheer! Tie a piece of yarn around the top of the wreath and fashion a loop.  I secure my loop to the back of the wreath with a dab of glue.
And just like that, a fast and affordable Christmas wreath!

Happy Holidays!



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