Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Wedding Guestbook

October is the best month to get married. Yes, I am bias because I got married in October, but it's true.  The leaves changing colors, the cool air helps keep the bride from being a sweaty mess, it's the perfect time of year for nuptials.  We had a DIY wedding. It was time consuming, stressful, and messy, but I am SO glad we did it because it represented us and and everything we love!
One of my favorite DIY projects for our wedding was our guestbook.  We didn't want a traditional guestbook and we wanted the signing process to be creative, fun, and efficient.  We decided to make cards.  The card allowed multiple people to signs at once and once the wedding was over, it was a joy to go through and read what people wrote. 
My amazingly talented husband designed the cards and we brought the file to our local Kinkos and had them printed on a heavy card-stock.  We fit two cards to a page, saving money and space, and all we had to do was cut them and buy a nice pen!

To keep our cards safe, we found a vintage tin book at a thrift shop that fit the cards perfectly! It was the perfect piece!
Even a year later, opening this up and flipping through the cards brings a smile to my face.  It is such a special memento of the most amazing day!



  1. Love these!

    And my family also calls me some form of Molly-Dolly all the time :)

    1. Thanks! Haha I think all Molly's can relate to the Molly-Dolly nickname! It's something we will never out grow!


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