Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Hints

The preparation for a DIY wedding is long, grueling, and messy.  In the end, however, a DIY wedding can give you the greatest sense of satisfaction and pride!  So why not use your homemade wedding decorations as Home Decor!? This is how I used some of our DIY decorations in our home.

 My wedding Bouquet

In the Wedding:

In our Home:
I put the bouquet on a vintage table we have in our dining room. It's a great conversation starter and I love looking at it every day!

I loved the idea of a flowerless wedding bouquet because I didn't have to worry about preserving it after the flowers had died.  I crafted my wedding bouquet from vintage pins, broaches, and buttons that belonged to my grandmothers.  I have posted a detailed tutorial for making your own Vintage Wedding Bouquet.

This little door decoration was way to precious to throw out! So we put it at the bottom of the stairs for all to see!

A piece like this can be crafted for about $15!

Wedding Centerpiece:

In our Home:
So before you throw out your DIY wedding decorations, embrace your inner pack-rat and use them as inspiring home decor!


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